Investment opportunities

The leadership of the town of Trnava has in recent years committed itself to several development projects that should promote town’s appeal and attract investors. Key projects have been, in particular, the setting up of the Automotive Cluster – West Slovakia and the building of the Trnava’s Urban Industrial and Technological Park. The projects were pilots not only for Trnava, but for Slovakia as a whole. Trnava’s Urban Industrial and Technological Park (MPaTP) was created in 2009- 2012 with the support of the EU. It forms part of the town’s intention to lay the groundwork for bringing in R&D investment, construction, production and prototype testing. Today the Park offers some 7 479.4 m2 of top quality commercial premises. Currently, premises at the Park are rented to 10 companies. There are five tech companies focused on R&D:

  • Vossloh Schwabe Deutschland GmbH (branch of Panasonic Electric Works Vossloh-Schwabe GmbH) - design of electrical ballasts; design and manufacture of testers for mass production; quality and reliability testing of ballasts.
  • Natures, s.r.o. - a Slovak company focusing on the research, development and manufacture of medicines and vitamin supplements.
  • STM POWER a.s. - upgrading, reconstruction, repair and manufacture of machinery and parts for hydropower plants and hydroengineering structures. Its latest line of business is in the sector of nuclear energy, thermal energy and renewables.
  • Mikrop Slovensko, s.r.o. – development, manufacture and distribution of mineral and mineral-vitamin premixes and mixtures for nutrition of all types of livestock.
  • BIZZCOM, s r.o. - design and manufacture of specialised industrial tools and applications the task of which is to integrate industrial facilities into the production processes and maximise the benefits of information technology.

R&D has also been carried out by two centres of excellence of the faculty of materials science and technology of the Slovak University of technology (CE of 5-axis machining of CE 5 AM; CE for development and application of diagnostic methods in processing metallic and non-metallic materials).

Automotive Cluster – West Slovakia was set up in 2007 as a concentrated grouping of independent, regionally interlinked companies and affiliated institutions with a view to increasing their competitiveness. In 2013 it was renamed to Automotive Cluster Slovakia and its mission is to assist in the development of automotive industry sub-suppliers and to promote their competitiveness via a partnership grouping of industrial businesses, universities, scientific-research institutions and further entities from the private and public sectors. The Cluster leads and actively participates in the implementation of several international EU financed projects.

With the aim of promoting its business sector, the town of Trnava has performed and is performing projects with the aid of the EU funds:

  • Reconstruction of the industrial park in Trnava for the purposes of developing cross-border services for entrepreneurs (2012-2014) - the aim is to encourage activities for the reconstruction of the existing industrial parks and other facilities and related infrastructure. The aim of the project is to develop relationships between the business entities with a view to promoting the innovation potential of the Trnava and the nearby Hungarian regions.
  • AC Centrope - Automotive Cluster Centrope (2009-2012) – continuation of the cross-border cooperation platform between the Automotive Cluster Vienna (ACVR), Automotive Cluster West Slovakia and the Hungarian Automotive Cluster PANAC, with the aim of strengthening the Centrope’s position as an automotive region.
  • Centrope Capacity (2009-2012) – a project focused on the cooperation of border regions in the fields of economy, transport, the environment, education, culture, tourism, and sport. The project is a continuation of the successfully implemented project CENTROPE - cooperation of four neighbouring regions.
  • Regional Innovation Centre Trnava – the project with the aim of promoting small- and medium-sized enterprises (note: project is under preparation).

For promoting small- and medium-sized enterprises, the town of Trnava has as at 31 December 2013 realised total costs of €431 186.

Trnava has a sufficient quantity of land and buildings that may be used for business purposes. The town’s greatest interest lies in utilising brownfields for commercial purposes. Information on brownfield sites within Trnava is available in the study Analysis of Neglected and Unused Buildings of the Town of Trnava, containing a description of the condition of 62 brownfields in Trnava.

Industrial parks in the Trnava region:

  •  Industrial park Voderady
  • Logistic Park Trnava (at PSA)
  • Urban industrial and technological park Trnava (southern zone)
  • Venti I., Venti II. (under construction)
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