The district’s industries

The key industries in the district of Trnava include engineering (which is dominated by the automotive industry), electrical, chemical and glass industries. The district is home to 28 large businesses, i.e. enterprises employing over 250 people, or reporting a turnover exceeding €30 million – of these, half are established in manufacturing.

The economy of the town of Trnava is substantially influenced by the automotive industry - the company PSA Peugeot Citroën, which entered the Slovak market in 2003 with its production of small cars. The carmaker is the largest employer in the Trnava district (employing between 2000 and 2999 persons). Other large enterprises are tied to the automotive industry as suppliers. In the Trnava district as many as 40 large businesses focus on industrial manufacture, of which half pursue business in the automotive industry – PCA as a carmaker and further 7 large related entities.

Another important industrial field is the electrical industry - in 2008 the global brand Samsung Display Slovakia s.r.o. set up its production in the vicinity of the town of Trnava (in the industrial park of Voderady, a distance of roughly 12 km), starting up there its production of LCD modules.

Other industries are also present in Trnava district (or more precisely the town of Trnava), namely engineering (ŽOS Trnava, a.s.; ZF SACHS Slovakia; ZF Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.); the chemical industry (Chemolak, a.s.); glass industry (Johns Manville Slovakia, a.s.); and metallurgical industry (Zlievareň Trnava, s.r.o.).

The field of nuclear energy is represented by the large engineering companies (VÚJE, a.s.; ENSECO, a.s.), while the village of Jaslovské Bohunice, Trnava district, is the site of the Bohunice nuclear power plant (part of the Slovak Power Company).

Likewise, the food industry has been traditionally represented here (AMYLUM-Slovakia, s.r.o.; Agropodnik, a.s. Trnava; OZ Figaro Trnava), as likewise has agriculture.

The non-manufacturing sectors of the Trnava’s economy are represented by education, with its three universities (Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of the Slovak University of Technology; University of Saints Cyril and Methodius; Trnava University), and healthcare (Trnava University Hospital).

In terms of employment, the town has the following key sectors: industry (employing 23.13% of economically active population), wholesale and retail, car repair (11.89%), education (8.04%), civil service and defence, social security (7.83%), transport and warehouses (5.80%), expert, scientific and technical activities (4.38%).

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