City of Trnava

Traffic and parking


Trnava has a very convenient position from the viewpoint of road and rail transport. Although it does not have a direct connection to air and waterway transport, an available airport is in Vienna, that is 95 km away, in Bratislava, that is 50 km away and in Piešťany, 35 km away. An agro-airport is also operated on the north-east edge of the city. The closest international port is in Bratislava.


Trnava creates an important crossing not only for the national road network, but also for roads of European importance. Important traffic routes traverse the town – road nr. I/51, which goes from the Czech Republic to south of Slovakia, known also as Via Bohemica, which at the same time connects the town with the expressway R1 to Nitra and the part of highway  D1- Bratislava - Žilina and road nr. I/61 from Bratislava to Považie, parallel with highway D1.

The basis of the city’s road network is the inner ring around the city centre, which enables service vehicles to have access to the city centre while protecting it against the undesirable effects of transit traffic. The city’s inner ring road and radial roads connecting to the main routes linking the city form a radial orbital system. In recent years the road network has been strengthened by the building of an outer ring road (bypass), whose northern and south-eastern sections have been completed so far. These sections reduce the load of transit traffic from the R1 expressway (the feeder for the D1 motorway to Bratislava and Žilina and for road traffic to Nitra) and the first-class roads I/51 (towards Holíč and Senica) and I/61 (towards Piešťany) while also improving transport connections to the city’s industrial zones. Transit traffic on route I/61 towards Bratislava has not yet been dealt with. This traffic will be served by the southern section of the bypass, whose construction is scheduled to start in 01/2016. The last section of the city bypass is the north-western section, which will link route I/51 at Trstinská cesta to route II/504 Ružindolská cesta. Completion of the bypass will relieve transit traffic from all the main roads to which the city is connected.


The city is part of the railway network, Bratislava - Žilina - Košice, which is a major route in the Slovak Republic. Another important route goes to Kúty, where the southern railway line extends from here to the Czech Republic. Railway and bus stations are next to each other and it is easy to reach the city centre from them.


Since 2011, new ecological buses have been running in Trnava. Specially designed low-floor vehicles produce up to 95% fewer pollutants than conventional ones. This has contributed to the air quality improvement and introduced new services in public transport. Currently, there are 14 buses: number 2 and 3 are regional shuttle buses taking you comfortably from one end of the town to the other. Did you arrive at Trnava by train and wonder what buses can take you as close as possible to your family or friends? Right outside the railway station you can catch the buses 1, 3, 12, 16, and 23. The main bus station is right next to the railway station. A special shuttle bus runs from here to the shopping centre in Voderady. You can also use public trasport to get to the suburban areas of Trnava - Modranka and Biely Kostol. The buses run with frequency of twice per hour. The ordinary ticket costs 0.70 euros. However, using a smart card, the price is 0.45 euros. There are reduced fares for students, pensioners and invalids. Since 2013 it is also possible to travel with a ticket purchased through SMS messages.


In Trnava, there are several paid car parks where you can leave your car safely. The town is divided to three basic parking zones: Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. The most used one is, of course, the first one. It is located in the historic centre between the following streets: Hlboká, Kollárová, Hospodárska, Zelený kríček and Rybníková. Hourly fee is 0.50 Euro. The ticket can be purchased at designated parking ticket machines distributed around the town centre. In case you do not have spare change you can pay by SMS, with only an additional 10 cents.

If you don’t mind a few extra steps, you can conveniently park in Zone B. It includes the car park in Kollárova (opposite the town spa), Hospodárska and Rybníkova Street (by the sports hall Slávia). You can pay cheaper parking at Kollárova Street from the intersection with Hlboká Street to the intersection with Hospodárska Street and at Zelený Kríček and Šrobárová Street. An hour of parking at these places is 0.20 Euro. Paying via SMS costs 10 cents more.

Zone C consists of car park in Starohájska Street between the City Clinic, the Trnava Region office building and the Tax Office. It is the only toll parking in Trnava, where the first hour of parking is free of charge. For another hour you pay 20 cents and from the third hour 50 cents for every begun hour of parking.

There are year, half a year, quarterly and monthly parking passes.  You can find more information about parking passes in the Client Centre of the Municipal office in Trnava, Trhová street no.3.