City of Trnava

Basic information

Trnava is one of the oldest and most important  cities in Slovakia. It is a natural centre of  lower Považie, the seat of the Trnava district and Trnava Self-Governing region.  With the population of 65 000 inhabitants it is the seventh biggest city in Slovakia.

It is situated on the fringe of the West Slovak lowland only 50 km far from Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. The total area of the city is 71,5 km2. The city is crossed by a highway and the main railway corridor connecting the west and east of the country. The distance to a significant European city, Vienna, is 95 km.

The city of Trnava plays important role of the secondary core of the so-called Central European Region. The Central European Region is a part of the European production triangle Paris – Berlin – Vienna that creates the base of the European economy with:

  • the highest energetic power
  • the highest production of industry
  • the highest production of agriculture (per 1 ha of land)
  • the highest consumption per capita in Europe
  • the best quality of social and technical infrastructure
  • the most modern technologies in the world and Europe
  • high developed transport